Commercial Mortgages and Property Investment

Commercial Mortgages and Property Investment

Murray Commercial Finance has affiliations with some of the UK’s leading commercial mortgage and property investment providers and are able to source some of the most competitive rates in the UK. Murray Commercial Finance are able to secure not only the best rates available but they are able to identify and tailor a commercial mortgage or property investment solution that meets your needs, saving you time and money in the process.

It’s a confusing market and Murray Commercial Finance has the knowledge and experience to help find the most appropriate commercial mortgage lenders for your needs. They have the expertise to be able to sort through the complexities and simplify the seemingly bewildering variety of products and services available. In a confusing and overcrowded commercial business mortgage market the benefits of using a broker can be significant, saving time and money and allowing you to concentrate on identifying the property you may want whilst not having to get involved in the complexities of the mortgage negotiation. Murray Commercial Finance has the knowledge and expertise to be able to sort through the complexities and simplify the seemingly bewildering variety of products and services available.

In essence the commercial mortgage and property investment market breaks down into 4 categories of financial product.

Commercial Business Mortgages

For those seeking to acquire a Business with Property and for those attempting to purchase a Property for their Business or raise finance for business expansion through Mortgaging Owned Property.

Murray Commercial Finance are aware of the needs of business owners. Action on your enquiry for a commercial mortgage to help purchase a property for a business or raise finance commences immediately after the initial consultation to ensure you receive an indication of acceptance within days.

Commercial Investment Mortgages

For many years, commercial property has produced significant returns on investment. Investing in commercial property to let out to business tenants is seen by many commercial mortgage lenders as a more resilient and long-lasting investment than many residential buy to let opportunities.

Buy-to-Let Mortgages

For individuals looking to invest in residential property to let for the purposes of providing medium to long-term income, buy-to-let mortgages can be ideal. Consider a buy-to-let mortgage if you are looking to invest in a residential property for renting to tenants, or buying a property that is already occupied by tenants, or developing a portfolio of residential property for letting. Buy-to let mortgages can be secured by limited companies, individuals, foreign nationals and individuals where self-certification is needed.

Significant returns have been achieved through buy-to-let schemes over the recent past, though generally this form of residential property investment is considered to be more risky than commercial property investment and interest rates and maximum loan to value amounts reflect this perceived level of risk.

There are many potential lenders offering buy-to-let mortgages and identifying the best fit between the mortgage and your requirements can be a time consuming task.

Property Development & Construction Capital

For those seeking capital to develop property or buy land, develop land, build on land or refurbish residential property.

Your options between the types of rates (fixed or variable) and the term of the commercial mortgage including possible early redemption will be examined.
Time will be given to ensure you have the best loan to value amount available and can access any excess in the commercial mortgage amount for use as a form of low cost overdraft.
Affordability will be considered, so that repayments can be structured flexibly to meet your business circumstances.
In the case of re-mortgages of owned property to raise finance, identifying that the maximum property valuation has been achieved is key.  Your banking relationship will be reviewed to see if alternative arrangements may be more suitable.